NCPH - Company Snapshot

I figured the best place to start with this is by going through my house and researching the companies and brands that I have.  By default the entire list of compannies is displayed, right now that is not a lot but as time goes on the list will grow.  You can use the different selectors to narrow your seach.  Check the company and if you can't find it there then look the brand selector.  You can also narrow down the company list by catagory.  When you click on select next to a company name, a snapshot of the company data will present itself in the pane to the right.

If you can't find the company or brand, you can select Contact from the menu above and enter a company research request.

Company Selector
Brand Selector Catagory Selector
 CompanyCountryFirst ReviewLast Review
SelectAppleUnited States6/6/20206/6/2020
SelectBoseUnited States5/12/20205/12/2020
SelectCarsCoverUnited States5/25/20205/25/2020
SelectElectroluxUnited States5/9/20205/9/2020
SelectKrogerUnited States5/25/20205/25/2020
SelectReynolds Consumer ProductsNew Zealand5/25/20205/25/2020
SelectSamsungSouth Korea4/22/20205/3/2020
SelectSmithfield FoodsChina4/22/20204/25/2020