No Chinese Products Here

So what’s the purpose of this site? The original concpet was to have a place where one could quickly determine if a US company had factories in China, it's morphed into a little more since then.   I've also decided to add any company i have an interst in whether or not it's US based or not.  Select Company Snapshot from the meu and you can review what companies are currently in the database.  I figured the best place to start was with those companies products Icurrently own  You can also check out our forums where compnay shenanigans are talked about by our users.  There is also a place for the conspiracy therorists to hang out there too.  If you do decide to join the forums, I can promise that Freedom of Speech ring true.  However, there will be no speech to incite violence allowed.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion, no matter how crude or obnoxious another may think it is.

First, Chinese products are inferior by my own personal observation and use over the past 15 years.  A microwave I bought in the 80s and one I used until the early 2000s serves as an example.  When it broke, I was able to have it repaired for a reasonable price.  Since then, I’ve gone through a microwave about every two to three years.  Either they break down or lately start to rust out after a couple of years.  When they do break it’s cheaper just to throw the whole thing away and buy a new one.  Good marketing strategy actually, build in a limited lifetime on the product so it has to be replaced every few years instead of every 10 to 15 years or more.  If they’re so cheap to make, why do they cost so much to fix? Because the parts are purchased from out of country and the labor is more expensive.  That labor cost provides a quality life for the repair technicians in their local country so imagine what the quality of life for the average factory worker in China might be.  The cost of the parts eventually makes their way back to China.

Second, and maybe the most important, China has turned to obvious profiteering on human misery.  With the outbreak of the Chinese virus, call it what it is, the Chinese have sold defective medical equipment to other countries, not just one or two pieces but 600,000 defective masks to the Netherlands .  Or Italy was coerced to purchase masks from the Chinese that they had donated a few weeks earlier.  The gross profiteering going on is disgusting!

My quest for American products started with not buying any Smithhfield product.  Something that is relatively easy to accomplish, you have a hankering for ham, by Owens ham steaks.  Bacon, Owens again but there is also Oscar Meyer and Hormel.  All three companies are American owned. Since Smithfield Foods is the world's largest producer of pork prroducts it can be a daunting task to not purchase their products since they have so many different brand names but a little reserach goes a long way.  When it comes to store brands it's next to impossible to research that with just an Internet search

This site’s primary purpose is here to provide you with the information needed ot make an informed decision on what company you want to give your hard-earned money to.  I’m American, so I say buy American.  If’s it’s more expensive then it’s providing a quality life to another American.  If your British, then buy British, it’s providing a quality life to another Brit.  If you can’t buy from a local company then at least buy from a ally.  A good example for me is South Korea and Samsung, they provide a quality product and we are allies.

This project is brand new and content is just becoming available.  The design is not pretty yet but given time it will be.  Please remember that I have a day job.